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The perfect side job

Looking for some extra cash during your studies? Your allowance will never cover all the extra expenses for concerts, holidays and nights out, will it? But even if you're not a student, a little extra cash is always welcome, right?

Great fees at Cleany

Pick an easy job and join Cleany. Hop on that bike of yours and start cleaning hotel rooms in the finest hotels in your city. You'll earn some great money, meet other Cleanies along the way and benefit from the coolest extras.

Your earnings

  • Cash per room
    Voor elke kamer die je schoonmaakt krijg je een fixed fee en je kunt  zelf kiezen wanneer je geld op de rekening staat . Verdien minimaal € 16,00 per uur.

  • Referrals
    Earn a € 25,00 bonus for every new Cleany that you bring in.

  • Bonuses
    We belonen je extra naarmate je meer kamers hebt schoongemaakt. Bij 100 en 500 kamers krijg je telkens een leuke bonus. Haal je het magische aantal van 1000 kamers dan heb je een weekendje weg voor 2 verdiend! 


Things you'll need

A smartphone with camera

 A well-functioning means of transportation

 A big smile and quite the enthusiasm!


Cleany is the newest online platform for cleaners that are looking for a part time job and is focussed on hotels. You can easily sign up via the app and select the hotels you want to work at. Our advanced system offers hotels the possibility to push through their occupancy while you can set your own availability. Once your job is confirmed, you will receive an automatic notification in the app. Easy as that!

Cleany is a young, innovating, Dutch enterprise with years of experience in hospitality and the hotel industry. We have experienced that cleaning is a key part customer experience, yet the cleaning business still remains rather traditional. In addition, it is hard to find eager cleaning staff since the job appears unattractive due to low pay and, often, undervaluation. We strongly believe that cleaning jobs do not necessarily have to be unpleasant, provided that the compensation and appreciation are worthwhile.


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